Outages & Blinks

Outages & Blinks

Reporting Outages

If you experience a power outage, Please check your fuses/breakers first. The power outage could be in your fuse/breaker panel box.

After you have check your fuses/breakers and all is ok, check with your neighbors to see if they have power.

During normal business hours, (7:30 AM to 4:00 PM), Please call the office at (814) 563-7548 to report your power outage. It is very helpful to have your Account Number ready before you call. Your Account Number can be found on your bill stub. If the outage occurs after normal business hours, please call our dispatcher at (814) 723-9460 with the same information.  

You can also report your outage online, but you must know your account number.

NOTE: Do not assume your neighbor has reported the outage. The more members that report a power outage the easier it becomes to pinpoint the location of the trouble.

Remember, when there is a widespread outage, several thousand members are trying to call at the same time. Please be patient and keep trying.

Reporting Blinks

If you are experiencing blinks and not outages, please call the office during normal business hours.

Blinks can be the result of a number of problems and sometimes can be very difficult to locate.

The more information we have the easier it becomes to correct the problem. Please call us at (814) 563-7548.

Helpful information includes:

  • Your account number
  • Date and Time the blinks are occurring
  • How many times the electric blinks
  • How long each blink lasts.