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Service Rates, Fees and Billing

Schedule A/S - Seasonal Service

Effective June 1, 2014

Available for residential service to cottages which are occupied for periods aggregating not more than nine months per year.

Single-phase, 60 cycles, at available secondary voltages.

Base Annual Charge: $298.08 per season
ALL kWh used per season: 13.00 cents per kWh

The charge shall be $298.08 per year. Payment of the charge shall entitle the member in all cases to the use of the electric energy. All kilowatt-hours will be billed in accordance with the foregoing rate.

The Minimum annual charge is the Base Charge, or $12.00 per KVA of required transformer capacity, whichever is greater.

If at any time, the rate under which the Cooperative purchases electric energy at wholesale is modified, the Cooperative may make a corresponding modification in the rate of service hereunder.

The contract term shall run from June 1, of one year to June 1, of the succeeding year. The above rates are net, the gross rates being ten percent (10%) higher. In the event the current bill for usage during the contract period is not by the due date of the bill, the gross rates will Apply.

If cottages are occupied intermittently throughout the year, service need not be disconnected during periods of non-occupancy. The charge shall be paid in advance each year. The meter will be read at the end of the season and a bill rendered for usage. No deductions shall be allowed for payments in excess of the charge during the previous season.

Temporary service shall be supplied in accordance with the foregoing rate except that the consumer shall pay in addition to the foregoing charges the total cost of connecting and disconnecting service less the value of materials returned to stock. A deposit, in advance, may be rendered for the full amount of the estimated bill for service, including the cost of connection and disconnection.

If a member requests a disconnection and reconnection of service at the same location within a twelve-month period, he must guarantee the electric usage equal to the annual MINIMUM CHARGES, plus a disconnection and reconnection charge.

Seller will use reasonable diligence to maintain uninterrupted service, but does not guarantee a constant or regular supply of electrical energy and shall not be liable for damage due to variations or cessations in such supply. Consumer should give immediate notice at the office of the Seller of any interruptions or irregularities in service or any known trouble, defect or accident to the supply. Seller may interrupt service to any consumer or consumers for the protection of life or property, for making repairs, changes, or safety of the public or when in Seller's sole judgement such interruption will prevent or alleviate an emergency threatening the integrity of its system, or will aid in the restoration of service. Circumstances permitting, Seller will give reasonable notice of any contemplated suspension. Should service be interrupted for any of the above reasons, or should service fail by reason of any accident, strike, legal process, governmental interference, or any cause whatsoever beyond its control, the seller shall not be liable for damages, direct or consequential, resulting therefrom.

NOTE: Seasonal service to cabins for transients and non-residential service to resorts shall be rendered under Schedule B.

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